Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's Get to the Bottom of This

I am nothing if not a list-maker. I sometimes write them down (mostly in my little pink hardcover purse-sized notebook) and I sometimes make lists in my head that never reach paper. I love crossing things off my lists and have been known to list things I've already done just for the complete feeling of crossing off.

Now, here's the thing; I need to change my life. Maybe not in the Oprahriffic sense of the word (all big and hard and I'll-never-be-the-same), but I need change none the less. I'm bored. I need a job. I need to enjoy life and create and experiment again.

In an effort toward all this I've come up with some ideas, goals if you will (and please do, I hate the idea of resolutions). These are things I want to do or get or incorporate into my life more fully. Because I love you guys, this is my first time writing down this list I've been thinking of for three weeks.

So, let me know what you think. Are you trying to do some of these things too? What do you want from the new year? From your life in general before you kick it? This'll be hard, but if we do it right, a helluva lot of fun too. Happy New Year!

Things To Do

-Lose 60 lbs this year. I know I should focus on being healthy/strong/blahdy blah blah, but obviously if I can lose 60 crappy-making-me-tired pounds, I'll be healthier.

-Go back to bellydance class. I haven't been in about 5 or 6 years. I loved it and I'm pretty sure I stopped because of money. This will help with the poundage thing.

-Park further away from destinations. I've actually already started this. It hasn't killed me yet.

-Go on more photo walks. Even without HUBS. I've been working on this too. The goal is to A)Walk and B)Take as many pics as possible.

-Update my flickr more often. Look at me! I've been doing this for a couple of months now, too. In 2005, when I first joined, I was on the thing all the freakin' time. I had no friends and hadn't met HUBS yet, and it really helped me feel connected to people. I miss the camaraderie created in comments and flickr mails. I wouldn't mind getting it back.

-Have more sex. We used to enjoy sexy time at least a couple times a week, but 2008 was the year of dwindling bed bopping. This, I admit, is mostly because I cannot have an orgasm to save my life, and sex has started to feel sorta pointless for me. To get past this I will A)finally find a sex therapist and go talk to them and B)jump HUBS on occasion.

-Talk to people. This is going to be so hard. I am naturally quiet and shy and a loner. But I've realized this hasn't gotten me anywhere. Since I haven't been in an office everyday I find myself completely disconnected from humankind. I have one person I used to work with who actually still bothers to email me from time to time, and that's it. No other friends. The Lady of Honor in my wedding (a close friend in college whose wedding I was in 8 years ago) doesn't even call or write to me. She's got kids, and apparently that makes it impossible to send a two line email once a month. What I need are acquaintances and actual friends I can hang out with and talk to on a regular basis. Do you know how long it's been since I had someone other than HUBS to go to lunch/dinner/movies with? The eons that have passed since I walked the mall with a girlfriend? I need people, talking to strangers will help with that.

-Find a job I love and make really good money at. I took a real step toward this on Sunday by writing to almost every newspaper in town and asking to write film reviews for them. I believe I've got one paper left and a handful of magazines.

-Get some notice for my photography. By October it had become pretty obvious people weren't just going to 'find' my photoblog. So I started sending out emails to some of my favorite design/creative/thing-loving bloggers asking them to check my pics out and recommend me to their readers. I've sent out about 6 so far, only 1 has bothered to give me a word on their blog. Do you know what this means? I have zillions more emails to send out. I will finally make a list of who to send to.

-Enter more photography contests. I managed to win one back in the fall and am hoping my pics get some notice from it. I haven't talked about it yet because the book my pics and poetry are going to be published in(as well as my prize of a tricked out toy camera) won't be out until March. So, it still doesn't feel totally real. Next? Entering contests where I can win money!

-Finish my screenplay, dammit! And? Get to work on the 3 or 4 other ideas I have rattling around in my tired brain.

-Create a photobook on Blurb. Possibly combine with my writing/poetry. Advertise it and get people to buy it. I just downloaded the software today.

-Put my wedding and honeymoon photobook together. Um...It's been 6 months. It's time.

-Get lower rates on B of A and Chase credit cards. I did it two years ago with my Citi card. I know it can be done.

-Volunteer somewhere. It'll help with the meeting people thing.

-Finally hang all those magazine/catalog tears that I've painstakingly laminated (I'll change it once a month, like my own little art installation).

-Start shopping at Aldi's again (ultra cheap prices).

-Dress better. After a year spent mostly at home I feel a bit like a bum. Even when I did leave the house I usually wore the baggiest, slouchiest clothes possible. I've been reading fashion books (The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, How To Have Style, The Little Black Book of Style) for inspiration. And I just ordered some very stylish clearance items from Old Navy to help. This is gonna be hard to integrate into my daily, usually-just-leave-to-run-errands lifestyle. I did pretty good for a couple of weeks in December, but then fell pray to baggy blah stuff on my trip to Petco yesterday.

-Wear makeup. I'm not talking about a full face, just the occasional blush or eyeshadow to pep me up a bit.

-Going out and gussying up. Other than going out to eat (way too much, considering our financial state) and heading to the occasional movie, we don't really go out. And we certainly don't dress up. I think we should start. At least a couple times a month.

-Go to a dive and play pool.

-Go bowling. I hated it in high school gym class, but feel I should give it another try.

-Go out for drinks.

-Go to a networking event. I've been meaning to do this for over a year, but I've let the shyness/fear thing stop me. There's a group that meets every month and January is as good a time as any to start.

-Do something with my toenails. They're kinda dry, I need to stop just covering them up.

Things To Buy

-Trouser style jeans

-A good white button down shirt

-Fitted long sleeve t-shirts in lots of colors

-A denim skirt

-Slim jeans

-A denim jacket

-Feathered headbands from UO

-Something with studs

-Frye boots

-Something lacy

-Another real leather purse

-Motorcycle style jacket

-Redscale film from Lomo

-Poster frames that don't fall apart (4 of the 16x20 and 2 of the 22x36)

-Ginormous HDTV for HUBS

-BlueRay player with upconverting for HUBS

-A new media center for all this new electronica (and all the old dvds/cds)

-Another movie journal when I finish the one I've had since 2001

-A buffet/sideboard/cabinet/dresser to hold the stuff we have no place for

-Polaroid film (600 and Spectra). I got a new (old) camera in November I haven't even used yet because the film is so outrageously priced on ebay.

-New nail polish (some of my old standby colors need replacing)

Well. Looks like I've got a lot of work to do.


SoMuchSugar said...

Hello!!! (From a fellow List-Maker!) Oh I have taken belly-dance classes myself, let me tell you, they really improve not only one's self-esteem, but also one's figure! DO IT. You will also meet LOTS of amazing women (who will love you!)... DO IT!!!

And I know it is awfully boring (and frankly, indescribably so, I understand) when you don't have a job, I know it. But please do that dance class, do your photography, please please. You can apply and send your resume at the same time as you take photographs and dance...

And have sex!! You now have time to "prep" for it, you can do all sorts of fun things, planning on when he gets home, what you can wear... Don't get sad!! Think of it as an adventure.

Believe me, you will get a job, and before you know it you will remember this particular time, and I hope you will think: "I really enjoyed that time, I took full advantage!" Sorry, I know that sounds dumb, but seriously I went through the same...

Miss Tracey Nolan said...

I wish I lived closer to St. Louis...

citygirl said...

Canada is awfully far away, isn't it?


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