Monday, May 03, 2010

Blah, No Blah

Mom likes the idea.

Ok, so, I've spent the past two weeks sitting on the couch every day, all day, meaning to do something worthwhile with all this free time but never doing it. I've let myself get to that broody place where all the things I should be doing feel pointless.

I have to pull myself out of this. Part of my problem is always my never ending to-do list filled with thing after thing after thing. The less I do, the longer that fucking list grows. So, I have a new goal. Tonight, after another solid day of nothing-doing (With the exception of laundry...Yea, clean pants!) I broke up my to-dos into a 5-thing-a-day list-per-day.

I can accomplish five stupid little things each day.



Joann said...

OMG do I hear you....not only has there been 2 major surgeries in the past 16 months, each requiring 6 months immobility, and my daughter dying, but as I was just able to return to my little part time job that MADE ME dress and leave the house, it was outsourced!!!!! I still am limited in activities because Blue Cross/Shield, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to refuse to refill my Celebrex. Yesterday I made contact with a pharmacy in Canada and faxed a 3 month Rx that will cost about $20.00 more that my co-pays would. I look forward to no inflamation and gardening and walking through thru Soulard Market, which used to be no problem.

SoMuchSugar said...

You can do it!! :)

Mr. RobRob said...

do you mind if i steal your outlook, FIVE STUPID THINGS, surly i can do that too. that little idea helps me to not feel so overwhelmed.

Lydia said...

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Miss Tracey Nolan said...

You might find this interesting:
A friend of mine swears by it and I've been thinking of trying it on for size.

And yeah, you can do it!

citygirl said...

Joann: The best of luck to you. I've had a taste of heath problems and everything really snaps into focus when your health is compromised.

Sugar: Thanks!

citygirl said...

Thanks again, everybody. I wish I could say I immediately got everything done on my daily lists but that was not the case.

Oh well, we must keep at it! Getting used to new things takes practice sometimes :)


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