Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Citygirl Bites! Dave & Tony's Premium Burger Joint

I've been so obsessed with pre-vacation planning and post vacation settling in and talking about what we ate in Philly that I completely forgot to let you guys in on Dave & Tony's. HUBS and I went there a couple weeks before we headed out to Pennsylvania.

It's located in a Creve Coeur strip mall store front and had only been open a few days when we went, so it still had that new restaurant aura around it. We got there a few minutes before close, so there was only one other couple there and it was nice and quiet except for the piped-in tunes over the speakers.

What you see above is my Hawaiian Burger with cole slaw. There was a crispy steakburger, ham, grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce and sharp cheddar on a pretzel bun. As someone who's religiously avoided Auntie Ann's (despite many I can eat that! No, I'll feel too guilty. moments) since 2003, I'm not ashamed to tell you I got this burger mostly for the pretzel bun. It was awesome. Moving on.

And, man. It was good! I ended up taking my ham off, because it felt like overkill, but the combo of salty and sweet is almost always a winner. The cole slaw was nicely creamy and a bit sweet, but I seem to remember that the veggies felt a bit too crunchy. I know, everything's raw in cole slaw. It's supposed to be crunchy. Still...

This is HUBS' Steakhouse Burger and the chili cheese fries we shared. Let me start with those, because, do you see how there's a cup of fries, a cup of cheese and a cup of chili? I'm divided about this. On one hand, the fries stay crisp until you're ready to smother them. On the other hand, you have to assemble your side item. Don't we go to restaurants in order to get away from food assembly?

Well, at any rate the fries were good, the cheese was good and the chili was so thick you could barely scoop it up with a cluster of fries, we needed utensils. I wish there had been more chili and cheese, but I suppose a little forced portion control isn't a bad thing sometimes.

HUBS loved his burger. It was covered in Gorgonzola blue cheese, iceberg lettuce, onion rings, steak butter (which is something like this, I guess) and steak sauce, plus it was on a rye bun.

Now, if none of that sounds good, just take a look at the menu. They've got seven signature burgers, a ton of salads and a gazillion toppings so you can craft your own burger creation.

Final verdict? I'd be willing to go back, especially since HUBS feels the need to eat burgers all the time. The only thing is that they are a couple bucks more expensive than, say, the most expensive McDonald's fare and since the only location is in Creve Coeur, it's a bit out of the way for us. But, as soon as we are more financially stable, we'll be back.

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