Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, Please! More!

Yesterday it was so cool outside that we had to turn on our heater. I love cool weather! Now, I wouldn't mind it if we could sustain temps in the 60s (so I don't have to use my humidifier during extended periods of heater use), but I will take this over 108 degrees any day.

I'm already getting used to bundling up at night and curling up on the couch wearing my favorite, ratty old sweatshirt jacket that my mom got from the Gap for me almost 20 years ago. I'm looking forward to chili dinners, massive pots of stew and homemade soup and all the comfort food I can fit in my belly. Yay!

It rained for about a day and a half starting early morning Wednesday. Luckily, our sorta crappy basement only got a tiny bit wet and we finally got some drought relief. I think the rainy, cool day got to me a bit. You know how that type of weather makes for good sleeping? Well, I felt lazy and hazy all day. Aside from making chicken salad and a couple of pies, I got nothing done. Didn't even shower.

Today I tried to make it to a networking event before I headed out for one of my bartender interviews. I got a bit of a late start and was too out of it to even rush around getting ready. Do you know what I ended up doing? Writing down directions to get there, from the wrong set of highways.

Like, I live nowhere near those highways, and I just wrote it down like it was correct. Because of that I ended up not getting to the event. I just took off on my normal route like it was the right way. Then, as I was driving, I realized Oh, shit! This ain't right! Fuck! How do I get there! Dammit...Oh, well.

I know what my issue is. I need to start getting more sleep. I've been going to bed around 2 or 3 a.m. almost every night since we got back from vacation. What's my problem?

How do you blast a blah, foggy-headed day so you can get things done?

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