Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Monday: Pro Sports Edition

Well, I had another experiment in EXPANSION this weekend! HUBS won tickets to a Cardinals game and we went on Friday. We even took the MetroLink, which I hadn't been on since '98 and HUBS hadn't been on at all.

I'll admit that the first eight and a half innings mostly bored the crap outta me. We played the Braves and they scored two runs in the first inning to our our one. Then...Nothing. Nobody hit home again until late in the 9th. We went into extra innings and the Cardinals were actually able to pull out ahead and win in the 10th.

Watching them win was exciting. But, I would only like to go to another game if a) we win tickets again b) someone can guarantee me more action during the game and c) I remember to take a magazine this time because no runs + no magazine = one very, very bored Citygirl once she finishes making fun of the players names and/or photos. (What, they make enough money to endure a little good-natured ribbing.)

But, fun. And, new things. Yay!

Now, some tuneage!

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