Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tipday: Photograph Your Best Friend

In five short years I've gone from being slightly terrified of even the fluffiest four-legged creatures to loving cats like my life depended on it. And, in that time, I've gotten pretty skilled at capturing the little buggers on camera. I figured I'd share some quick tips on how I get my most interesting shots.

How To Get Photos Of Your Pets That Don't Suck

1) Timing is everything. If your pets are anything like mine, they can usually be found running around like crazy or sleeping. The easiest way to capture them? Totally abuse nap time. Keep your camera out, so you don't have to do a lot of digging that might wake them up when the time's right, and click away.

2) Being a stalker pays off. I'm almost positive that animals commit their most interesting acts of cuteness when we're not looking. The best way to combat that? Follow them around for an hour or two and see what happens. Did Toby jump into the window to sun himself? That's perfect portrait light. Is Mittens playing with her favorite toy? Awesome action shots await.

Turn on your camera's continuous shooting mode, so you can hold the shutter release down and take (nearly) unlimited shots back to back, assuring you don't miss a thing. A photo that shows your pet doing what they love to do will always make you happy.

3) Revel in the details. The best shots don't always show everything. Use your camera's macro setting, get in close and take shots of your pet's whiskers, paw pads, or any distinctive markings. Get extreme close-ups of his face, ears or nose. You will not be sorry.

4) Interactivity is nice. Don't be afraid to get playful with your pet while you're taking photos. Some of the best shots could come from their reactions to you or whatever toy you're using with them.

There! Now get out there and show Mittens what you've got!


Brittyb said...

o my goodness so cute!! I have an adorable kitty too.. check out my blog!

SoMuchSugar said...

Oh my gosh I know just what you mean... I get the best photos of Guapo when he either doesn't know I have a camera (is asleep) or FORGETS i have the camera (I am stalking him!)


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