Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday: Round Up & New Stuff

Well, Happy Friday once again, friends! It's always a bit crazy how fast the weeks go by, isn't it? We are in full-on fall, and with the temps this week, it's clear winter is just around the corner.

I've been updating Citygirl, as promised. My About Me A Lot page (up top) has totally changed and I'll likely give it a new title as soon as I think of one. I've also added some of those ever popular social media buttons and a cool version of my resume under my profile on the right side. Before long I'll also be adding pages for links to my writing projects and the services I offer as a writer. So, Yea! EXPANSION!

On to some Friday fun links:

1) Apparently, folks are getting hot about the Dr. Pepper TEN ad campaign. I don't know why, I thought it was silly and funny. What do you think?

2) People are also pissy about this British singer, since she admitted that her image was manufactured by managers and the like. I think a lot of musicians have images that aren't completely in-line with who they really are. So, what do you think is bothering people, that she allowed the manufacturing or that she admitted it? More importantly, if you like the song, should it matter?

3) Steven Seagal just managed to get weirder.

4) Want to get your internet bookmarks anywhere? Try Instapaper.

5) Do you have a back-log of online videos you need to watch? With Radbox you can see those anywhere, too.

6) The TSA hates Afros! Honestly, would you hide something you didn't want found in such a conspicuous place?

Off with you, my lovelies! Enjoy a blessed weekend!


Miss Tracey Nolan said...


I need to be reminded of that sometimes too...

Citygirl said...

I like sort of taking stock when I do something cool and new. We're so hard on ourselves so often that we can end up completely dismissing the positive risks we take.

So, EXPANSION, Tracey!!


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