Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent Obsessions: Scott Naturals

I know it seems odd to become obsessed with a roll of paper towels, but dammit! These are awesome!

HUBS and I had been using generic paper towels after becoming addicted to Viva but giving them up to save some household supply dough. I was shopping at Walgreens and saw that they had a six pack of Scott Naturals for $4, so I figured trying them out wouldn't be a big deal.

I was wrong. It was a huge deal! I've found the perfect paper towels, people!

At first, I hated them. They are as hard as the day is long, my friends. But, it turns out that that's a feature instead of a bug. I'd advise against wiping your mouth with them unless absolutely necessary, but they are amazing for:

1) Hand washing dishes
2) Scrubbing the stove
3) Cleaning cat barf off the carpet
4) Wiping down dirty kitchen walls
5) De-grubbing baseboards
6) Carrying cat kibble

I'm sure there are more uses that I haven't thought of yet. The key thing you should know? You can wet them and scrub away for several minutes before the barest hint of a tear will appear.


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