Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fiscally Speaking

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-19204-013, Währungsreform, Frau mit Geldscheinen

Remember how I told you about losing my one, semi-steady writing job a couple of weeks ago, and how energized I was by the opening up of new opportunity? Well, now the abject terror has set in.

Aside from the ridiculous amount of bills we have, I fully believe that our second highest expenditure is on food. So, last night while HUBS and I were going over our monies and moving bills around so we'd have some cash for the edible stuff, I made a proposition I've been wanting to make for weeks now: We need to stop eating out.

I realize this doesn't sound like a mighty idea to many of you, and Lord knows that when I was single I barely ate out at all. But, it's become way too much of a way of life for us. Especially HUBS. I realize that he's worn out after a 10 or 12 hour day, but if he gets home and I don't feel like cooking that somehow seems to translate to FAST FOOD YAY YUM!! for him.

I'm constantly having to say No, you know we don't have much cash to work with. We can make sandwiches, make soup, eat leftovers...And then HUBS' face falls and he pouts like a child who doesn't understand money stuff and he says OK with that hangdog expression.

As much as we are both tired of the pinch, I'm really tired of having to constantly be the bad guy. So, as of last night a one week Spending Freeze is on. Here's how we're going to do this:

Spending Freeze 2011-2012

1) We will buy groceries and only eat those groceries for the next seven days.

2) There will be no fast foods, restaurant trips or convenience foods/beverages from places like Quik Trip.

3) Coffee, tea, lunches and dinners are made at home.

4) If we run out of something, say, iced tea mix, we get more iced tea mix and not a 32 ounce cup of ready made iced tea.

5) When we get through seven days, we do it for another week...And another, and another. Until HUBS and I get used to not relying on Taco Bell/Pen Station/etcetera to fill our tired bellies.

I'll be frank here, since I barely leave the house this isn't going to be that hard for me. But HUBS? He dies a little inside when he sees food on TV, even if we are currently eating something he's declared delicious. He's all about his burgers, fries, tacos and subs. So, thank you in advance HUBS, for your complete cooperation on this. Doesn't it feel better already?

What do you need to stop spending so much money on?


SoMuchSugar said...

oh many I have been in this situation as well, when I have to be the 'bad guy'... it helps me to vocalize the exact dollar amount I have available so he cannot pull such a hangdog expression when we can't eat out. I hate doing it though I feel like the bad guy anyway.

I'm catching up and sorry to hear about losing that job.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and here's to all good things happening for you this year!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You're on the right track to frugal living-stay the course! Love your blog by the way. When you lose a job, that's just more time devoted to finding your career passion and purpose:)

Peace & blessings,

Samantha Bangayan said...

So great to meet you! Found you through the LinkedIn group and this first post caught my eye right away! I recently lost my sole regular writing position too, but instead of feeling optimistic, I became paranoid. =P Wish I had your take on life! =)

I can also completely relate to needing to cut down on eating out. My partner and I ended up buying homemade lunches instead. =P At least they were healthier than fast food!

Citygirl said...

Oh, Samantha! I wish I were completely optimistic, myself. My paranoia has now firmly set in.

Let's fight it together!


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