Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That's All For Now

I don't have any photos of Grandaddy G. So, instead, I offer this picture of my husband and his older sister when they were little ones.

Grandaddy G passed away on Thursday. HUBS, PT and I went to the funeral yesterday morning. It was a nice service, and since he was in the Army they had military rites done at the cemetery.

A bit about Grandaddy G:

- He was a gunner in WWII
- His 92nd birthday would have been in two weeks
- He was always nice to me, and from what I've heard he was always nice to everyone else, too
- He enjoyed the fact that I could always pick him out in super old photos that I'd never seen before
- He loved restoring old cars and worked on them until a couple a years ago
- He was a loyal fan to the end of the St. Louis Browns and until recently still liked to talk about the 1944 World Series
- When he got back from the war he built his own house
- He loved animals
- He loved sweets but had to stay away from them since he'd been diabetic for years
- Because he was diabetic for so long, many of his nerve endings were damaged so he ended up being in far less pain than he would have been otherwise. Talk about everything happening for a reason...

It's impossible (I would think, anyway) to go to a funeral or watch someone deal with a life threatening illness and not consider (Reconsider?) what you're doing with your own time. When I heard the news on Thursday I found myself thinking Well, that's it. The last of HUBS and my grandparents. In 20-30 years our parents will be next. And 20-30 years after that, if we're all lucky, it'll be our turn.

I'm feeling the time crunch, is what I'm saying. For some reason, another 60 years tops just doesn't seem like much right now. Of course, it'll seem like less later because it'll be less. Suppose I better get to work.


Love to Write said...

These things really make you think about 'time'. It really is true that the older you get the faster time goes by. How are you investing the time you are blessed with? Nice post.

JeriWB said...

Your grandpa lived a long life, as did mine. My Grandpa Red was also in WWII and would have turned 93 this year, but he passed away when he was 88. He was a radio man and his plane was shot down over Germany where he was then forced into the German Death March. It's amazing everything that those men went through.

JP said...

My condolences to you and your husband.

I also lost my father recently and had written a short biography with pictures using the Blurb publishing program. He was involved in the process and got to see it before he died.

When my dad died I sent an online copy to the family and they loved it.

Citygirl said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, everyone.

Part of the reason I'm having these "Crap, it's not long now" feelings is that I know I'm not using my time well. The stuff standing in my way is 90% internal and has been part of my life-long battle to get out of my own way.

It also makes me think of the fact that past generations didn't have the luxury of wallowing. You either got things done or you died.


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