Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tipday: How To Look (Sorta) Good When You Feel Like Crap


Well, well. I'm finally almost getting over my feeling of being exiled by illness. And while I'm no where near 100%, I am bolstered by a good bath and hair combing.

Why are those things so important? Because when you're sick, whether those are physical or mental blahs you're dealing with, it's easy to get mired in bed with ratty hair and dirty pajamas. Sometimes that's OK. But sometimes, you absolutely need to leave the house. And when that happens, you should try to look presentable enough that everyone you come into contact with doesn't frown upon seeing you and ask, "Do you want me to call someone for you?"

Here now? My tips to look less like the crap that you feel.

How To Look (Sorta) Good When You Feel Like Crap

1) Get up slowly. OK, so you have to be somewhere. If at all possible don't make this a first-thing-in-the-morning kind of appointment. In my experience, that will just make you angry. Shoot for an out-the-door time of 10 or 11 am. That way you can roll out of bed, relax for a bit and then ease yourself into presentability. Also? Don't pretend you'll be any more ready for leaving the house after noon. Give yourself too much time, and it will just get harder to be motivated. And you know it.

2) Some grooming is essential. Look, I'm not going to pretend that I am the most kempt person while ill. I am not. But when you need to show your face to the world, you gotta do something. If you can't get with brushing your teeth, eat something that smells good before you leave. Nobody can use their breath as a knockout weapon after having peppermint candy or a chocolate chip cookie.

Don't feel like combing your knotty mess of hair? This is what scarves, hats, ponytails and razors were invented for. Too tired to bathe? Clean the essentials. Yeah, those essentials. (Though I must say, a cap full of bleach in a hot-as-I-can-stand tub full of water always does wonders when I feel like shit.)

3) Eat. Something! Maybe you've been losing precious nutrients through no volition of your own during this time and you're a bit afraid of ingesting anything that will upset the delicate balance of your tummy. If you're going to keep your wits about you in the world at large, you'll need some food in you.

Saltines and Sierra Mist may not be exciting, but they'll stop you from fainting in Sears. So will a bit of white rice with sugar (no milk or butter unless your illness involves no intestinal difficulties...trust me if you haven't learned this lesson for yourself) or dry toast.

4) Decoration becomes you. Put on your best looking, non-confining clothes. Lip balm if you're a guy, lip gloss and blush (if you can stand it) for the ladies. Add big shades for your undoubtedly weary eyes and nice, but comfy, shoes. There! That wasn't so hard! Now, get out of the house and get your shit done so you can crawl back into bed as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the bleach in the hot water, but otherwise great suggestions :)

Susan Cooper said...

Glad your feeling better. Your tips could be used even when not feeling sick... LOL.

Doreen Pendgracs said...

Great tips. Nothing makes us feel better than a good bath or shower. And if you have to go out, dressing comfortably is a must.

I'm lucky in that I work at home. Somedays, it's a long while before the housecoat comes off and real clothes go on.

Bindu said...

That is really great tips. some days me too struggle to keep up with the demands of life. Once the chores are done, crawling back to the bed, that is all I want to do on those days.

Citygirl said...

Becc: I know the bleach sounds odd, but it really works. Thanks for stopping by!

Susan: Glad you liked my ideas. Having them all listed has helped me a lot during this time of illness and forced fraternization for me.

Doreen: I know about working at home. I frequently never come out of my PJ's. It's so easy to start feeling like a bum after a bit!

Bindu: It can be hard to get past all the household chores to the stuff you really need to do for yourself. One day at a time, friend!


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