Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Since I Need To Chill

I've made a decision about this here ol' blog o' mine. I'm going to try not to bitch every day. Considering the crap that's going on around here with my no-job-having-no-unemployment-getting-fucked-up-credit-card self, the (I hope) understandable temptation is to blog-bitch day in and day the fuck out. But...

I need some way to relax a bit. A way to push the world away and laugh again. And so do you, fair reader. So, I'll get back to bitching tomorrow (do I ever have a story to tell about today), but until then, enjoy this:


Miss Tracey Nolan said...

I LOVE LCK! Just saw him live here in Toronto (a friend of mine produced the show). He's the GREATEST. You have such good taste....!

Now, that said, I hope you feel that you can bitch here as much as you want. We, the internets, are here for you! : )

citygirl said...

HUBS and I watched a whole HBO special of his that someone put on YouTube in the wee hours of Monday morning and laughed our asses off. We really needed that!


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