Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: What In The Natural Hell

He won't be blowing any horns today...

Hello, all. Did you have good weekends? I certainly hope so, because I need to share a small story with you.

Yes, I took a blog break last week. That is not foremost in my mind right now. What is? The crazy morning I had in the first hour and 15 minutes of my day.

I woke up at 8:45. The first thing I noticed upon opening the bedroom door was that one of our cats had expelled a bit of furball. Not unusual for this lot. I commenced to checking all the carpet and pillows and furniture for more traces (Tux tends to start in one spot and then proceed to carry on all over the house), then headed to the bathroom for more inspection.

I parted the blinds to do my daily check of the garden, since I was near a garden-facing window. Wow, what did I see, you ask? A FREAKING DEAD ANIMAL LAYING RIGHT IN MY GARDEN. NEAR MY FUCKING VEGETABLES!

Now, in the past year I've seen two dead mice in the yard. One was even headless. That, however did not prepare me for what appeared to be a poor dead rabbit in the garden. Not. At. All.

I was honestly quite shaken and feeling a bit sick to my stomach. What happened? Why didn't whatever killed the poor thing carry it off and finish it? What if it was eating from my garden and something in there killed it?

More likely, there was a life and death struggle in my back yard sometime overnight. And we didn't hear it.

Actually, now that I think about it, hearing it wouldn't have done any good. If I'd heard a struggle in our back yard (which was pitch black last night), I wouldn't have gone out there. Who does that? Only big-boobed, blond horror movie women.

HUBS and I went out to get it up. Then, as soon as we open the back door, what do I see? TWO BIG-ASS FUCKING SNAKES RIGHT BY THE DECK! One had part of it's body in our basement window.


I was primed to stay on the deck, but HUBS couldn't get the rabbit on the shovel, so I had to go help him. Which, of course, meant that as soon as I stepped into our snake infested yard and got near him, he got the damn rabbit on the shovel (the poor thing died with it's eyes open).

We got it into a black trash bag I'd lined with grocery bags and poured vinegar over it to try to make sure nothing would mess with it before we could get the sanitation department out here to pick it up.

The only lucky moment? It waited to rain until after we got back inside. Well, that, and I suppose it was lucky that we didn't actually see the bunny I'm gong to call Bernard get attacked. Because, crap, what would we have done about that?

Wow, thanks for letting me vent. Music, now?


Bindu said...

Hope, You feel better after putting it all out.
Coming from LinkedIn to see what you wrote this week.
If you wish to see what I am doing, head over to
The Blogspot blog is abandoned merciless for some time...

Susan Cooper said...

Boy can I relate. I have been there. I hate that when you beautiful view is disturbed by a dead animal, hair balls and snakes. Here is my story: I was looking at my bird feeder and it was moving. That is when I noticed that a bird had gotten trapped in side. I thought; "how could that have gotten inside?". I went out and it appeared at the top had been removed, thus the bird somehow had gotten trapped. I had to unscrew the whole thing to get him out but his tail feathers were distorted. I put him in a tree hoping he would recover. It was something that just stated the day off wrong. I worried about that bird all day. The next morning, there he was, wisely feeding from the seed on the ground and his tail feathers seemed to have recovered enough to allow him to fly. I felt so much better after that. :-), Susan Cooper

Citygirl said...

Thanks Bindu! Hope you're feeling better, too. Thanks for visiting!


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