Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How To Tell You've Watched A Bad Movie

I watch a lot of movies. But, every now and then I watch a movie and have no idea how I feel about it. Good movies are easy. Really bad movies are easy. But the ones in the middle? Those can be tough.

So, here's my list of 11 ways to tell a bad movie was just all up in your face.

11 Ways To Tell You've Watched A Bad Movie

1) You had no problem getting up in the middle to go to the bathroom and taking your sweet time in there.

2) You just left the theater. Wait, what was the movie about again?

3) It's opening weekend, and you were the only one in the theater.

4) You watched intently, but still felt confused during the whole thing.

5) You didn't care what happened to anyone in the movie.

6) You couldn't manage to laugh, cry or feel anxious/scared/thrilled about anything that went on during the film.

7) Whoever you went with talked to you the for the entire movie, and you didn't mind at all.

8) You spent the movie comparing plot points to other films that did them first, and better.

9) At least 25% of the audience got up during the movie and didn't come back.

10) After getting back from the bathroom you realize you missed a lot, but you can still follow the plot just fine.

11) Did you fall asleep? You don't remember?! Bad sign, my friend.


Cassandra Schmigotzki said...

I don't remember the last time we went to the movies. Watching DVDs at home I'm asleep with most of them but don't think they're bad movies.

JeriWB said...

That feeling of leaving the theater and then turning to my husband and asking, "What was that about?" is definitely the surest sign that a movie was not good at all. I felt that way after the recent Star Trek. It was all action and very little story.

Elizabeth Scott said...

I do not go to the movies often so when I do I really try to find a movie I think will be good. i would hate to actually have a night at the movies and experience a movie that was uneventful.

Susan Cooper said...

I have not seen a bad movie lately. I hate when I feel like I wasted time on a movie that was not that good. Thankfully I don't too often. :-)

Neosha Gardner said...

lol. This was great. According to your post, I've seen quite a few bad movies.


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