Monday, December 17, 2012

Music Monday: Moving Right Along

I mentioned a few weeks ago how my therapist wanted me to consider going back on medication for my depression. I thought about what she said, that since I've been depressed off and on (mostly on) for over twenty years the root cause is probably a chemical imbalance that lifestyle changes alone won't take care of. She might be right. Lord knows I've had trouble keeping any momentum going even with things I love to do, so I talked to my doctor and started Zoloft Friday.

I had some nausea and dizziness over the weekend, luckily I think that was just my body getting used to it because those symptoms were gone today. It'll take a while for it to really kick in, but I'm hoping that knowing the medicine is there to support me will help me get a move on and keep going. Wish me luck!

Now, let's do some music!


Jon Jefferson said...

Ya know, with a post title of "Moving right along," I was expecting something about muppets (just saying).

JeriWB said...

Here's to your bravery in giving mood meds a try. I still go back and forth on that front.

Tracey Nolan said...

Good for you! I started Zoloft when I was dealing with my post partum anxiety and I stay on it to help with the lingering anxiety and my PMDD. It has helped so much. They can take my Zoloft out of my cold, dead hands.

Citygirl said...

Jon: I do like a good Muppet...

Jeri: Well,after four years off the stuff with wildly fluctuating moods I figured my doc may be right. Plus, giving it another try can't hurt.

Tracey: That sounds like a recommendation!


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