Friday, April 05, 2013

Happy Friday! What Have I Done For Me, Lately?

I know Easter's been over for almost a week, but this video of a baby bunny eating and cleaning its face is AWESOME.

It occurred to me that since we're in the fourth month of the year, I should probably take a look back at the massive list of goals I set for myself in January and see how I'm doing. What have I managed so far?

Accomplishments: Jan-April 2013

1) I'm making $ writing again!
2) I tried a podcast!
3) I check my professional email daily!
4) I add my blog posts to Twitter & Blogaholic!
5) I've left some food behind at a restaurant!
6) I limit pre-5pm TV watching to two hours daily Mon-Fri!
7) I'm practicing reading faster!
8) I hang out on our deck!
9) I've (almost) mastered winged eyeliner!

OK, so, nine out of 76 items isn't exactly an example of me going gang-busters on my goals, but getting a job was HUGE FOR ME. Plus, I'm sorta counting the things I'd starting doing (like blogging three times a week, making honest work of my creative ideas and working away from home) which I've fallen behind on since my gainful employment.

And, also? I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about not being further along.

I've got time, and I think the best thing to do would be to keep my lists on my desktop so I can have constant reminders of what's important to me this year.

Now, let's move on to some cool internet stuff and remember to tell me: How are your 2013 goals progressing so far?

1) I do love me some Tina Belcher.

2) thinks they've found the 21 most annoying TV characters of all time. Do you agree?

3) RIP Roger Ebert. Here are 20 of his best movie pans.

4) If you like free music, here are the best places to get it online.

5) Finally, if you need to distress this weekend, there are some apps that can help you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Trinidad Pena said...

Great post! I'm also working on not being so hard on myself. So far so good!

KWade said...

Most of my goals for 2013 are things that I have to work on everyday and am constantly improving with. i didn't set any measurable to tangible goals like yours, but good job on accomplishing some of the tough ones!

Just One Boomer said...

I've popped over from the LinkedIn BHB group.

I would really like to see what you look like wearing "winged eyeliner". I clicked on the link wondering whether it was something I needed to consider for my rapidly approaching Mother of the Groom appearance. Uh, probably not although it would certainly get some tongues wagging ;-)

Citygirl said...

Trinidad: It's not easy, is it? One step at a time, my friend...

KWade: Thanks! I'm finding that the goals I need to work on every day are the hardest to stick with because routine kinda bums me out. But, I'm not giving up!

JOB: I'll try to capture the look next time I wear it. Trust me, though, I don't go anywhere near as extreme with it as they did in that photo!


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